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  • Sweetzels Blog 09/24/13

    Sweetzels Blog 09/24/13

    Unlike other parts of the country there are five seasons in Southeastern Pennsylvania:... 

  • Wilbur Buds 6/30/2013

    Wilbur Buds 6/30/2013

    In the rolling hills of Pennsylvania lies the heart of American chocolate making.

  •  Peanut Chews 05/28/13

    Peanut Chews 05/28/13

    In 2003 Just Born Candies, from Bethlehem, Pa. purchased Goldenberg's Peanut Chews f... 

  • Mud Sale 04/16/2013

    Mud Sale 04/16/2013

    One of my favorite road trips is a Saturday morning drive to a Lancaster County Mud ... 

  • Easter Bread 03/27/2013

    Easter Bread 03/27/2013

    I recently discovered the joys of Easter Bread made by the good folks at Conshohocken... 

  • Maple Sugaring 03/21/13

    Maple Sugaring 03/21/13

    In the early days of our courtship and marriage, I could always depend on my wife Julie t... 

  • Irish Potato Candy

    Irish Potato Candy

    Irish Potato Candy Season

    March 5 2013

    Most Americans have long since given up making candy at home.... 

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